Disaster Will Strike 5

Disaster Will Strike 5

Did Disaster Will Strike series impress you with a lot of irresistible features? Today, Disaster Will Strike 5 is trusted to go beyond your expectation by its splendid innovations! Its story started when the initial objects on the Earth were the birds’ eggs. But the most horrible thing did happen once the dinosaurs’ eggs woke up. They wanted to become the only survivors by breaking all the birds’ eggs. Fortunately, only disasters might deal with these aggressive eggs. Your task is to become the brilliant controller of these disasters who can direct them to eradicate all the cruel eggs! Here we come!

It is always a must to learn how to maneuver the disasters so that they can teach the dinosaurs’ ugly eggs a lesson. Many levels are included here, and the primary mission of each one is to place the offered disasters in strategic positions in order that the hostiles are all exterminated. Never damage the birds’ egg, remember!

Let your intelligence manifest itself by solving all stages in Disaster Will Strike 5. Let’s go!

How to play

Play the game with only the left mouse.

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