Disaster Will Strike 6

Disaster Will Strike 6

It seems a pity to ignore Disaster Will Strike 6 since the game is trusted to leave you spellbound by its attractive content and enthralling features. Get ready to get a better grip of the game’s task? Let’s go!

On this planet, the innocent little eggs have been scheduled for eggs-tinction. And you play an important role in making this happen. As a creator, you should eradicate all the evil eggs. This is also a main goal of the game. Interestingly, other natural disasters can even carve your way, either by protecting your angel eggs or by dropping ugly eggs off the surface of the earth. Be careful!

It is time to display your talent and skill during Disaster Will Strike 6. The game is so exciting that you can find it hard to leave, I bet!!

How to play

Apply the left mouse to control this game.

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Disaster Will Strike 6, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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