Epic War 4

Epic War 4

Epic War 4 is the saga of Epic War series where you have a space to display your imposing skills and battle against all the enemies with resounding victory! But at least, there is nothing more important than understanding how to play, right?

Initially, every player is offered five special heroes who possess different fighting abilities. Choose one of your favorite, please! The chief request is to slay all the hostiles to death from the 12 stages in-a-row as well as 4 extra stages. Whatever the modes you play (normal, hard, and epic), just try best because you’ll surely experience the violent combats (5 levels of 20 various units and 12 alluring spells). After killing all the foes, it’s time to challenge yourself with the 4 epic bosses to achieve the highest score.

Make sure that you are equipped with determination, caution and dexterity before entering Epic War 4! Alright, much fun!

How to play

The up/down keys: Control turrets.
The left/right key: Change the view of camera.
The A key: Choose all units.
The QWERTYUIO keys: Confront the army.
The S key: Level up the heroes’ abilities.

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Epic War 4, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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