FlightWhen seeing friends receiving meaningful gifts from their mothers, Susan – a little girl at the orphanage felt very sad and wished to meet her mother in this Christmas. Therefore, she wrote a letter with such wish and made a paper plane with the letter to send it to Santa Claus with the hope that the wish would become true. The importance here is how to send the letter to the Santa in the snowy weather. Let’s enjoy Flight to assist her in this case, players! Just pick up the paper plane, throw it up in the air, and let it fly as far as possible for earning points. By the way, be clever to catch stars and bonuses in the sky for more points. After the budget is accumulated with lots of points, let’s enter the shop to get some useful upgrades for boosting the plane’s flying ability. Here we go!

How to play

The spacebar is to use the engine.
The A and D keys are to turn the plane.
The left mouse is to throw the plane.

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Flight, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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