Miragine War

Miragine War

Hey guys! Nothing is more attractive than discovering a new strategy game, namely Miragine War ! Don’t believe it? Tap the Start button to get it started right away!

Out there, gamers will role-play a great commander of an army. Their chief task is to protect a crystal from the foes’ attack. To fulfill the mission well, it’s necessary to recruit a number of units. Now, take a glance at the bottom of the screen! See! There are various types of troops, like Zombie, Veteran, Sword Man, Samurai, Monk, Vampire, Ninja, etc. Use money to hire some of them so that they will be sent to the battlefield. At that time, they shall assault the enemies automatically. It’s also advised to guide the units to the rivals’ gem and destroy them. Zero in on two Health bars to keep track of the current situation.

Once you gain enough the requested money, the game shall automatically hire the units for you. Enjoy Miragine War for self-experience!

How to play

The WASD/arrow keys are used to recruit units.

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Miragine War, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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