Run 3

Run 3

Are you a crazy fan of the Run series? Then, don’t skip Run 3 – the 3rd edition, OK? What is cool in this exciting version? Find the answer here!

During the game, players are entrusted with an only task of helping a little creature run through many different tunnels. How? To lead him toward the finish line, you must overcome a lot of difficult obstructions and deadly gaps. While controlling him, try to zero in on many deep holes. Never let him fall down there; otherwise, the game will end instantly. Be clever and smart to instruct him how to rotate the platform so that he may move in a safe place. The longer this creature runs, the higher score players shall gain. Keep playing to unlock more and more new levels right away!

Can’t wait anymore? Get nimble to enter Run 3 and show off your hidden talent! Have an enjoyable time!

How to play

The ASDW keys are for running.
The spacebar is for jumping.

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Run 3, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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