The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing SpidermanIt’s absolutely sure that the figure of Spiderman along with his fascinating missions will never slip out of your mind at any cost. He has soon become the fictional hero in hearts of many people across the world. Today, you are lucky to take the role of becoming his assistant in another new mission: getting all costumes hanging on the walls of large building in his city. How awesome! It’s time to go, guys! Let’s move him to suitable positions, help him cling to surfaces, and let him swing with the spider’s web until he collects all of the required items. One important thing players should concentrate on is that he will die if falling down into the traffic below, so they are advisable to utilize their clever control to shoot the web at the right time and the consistent positions on the walls. Get ready? Let’s go!

How to play

The Amazing Spiderman is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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