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Fire Vs Water Fights Unblocked

Fire vs Water Fights Unblocked

What’s fun in Fire vs Water Fights Unblocked?

In this 3D fighting game, players need to put your boxing skills to the test against the AI-controlled bot or challenge your friend in the 2-player mode. You and your opponent will play as Fire and Water – 2 opposite elements that make the fight even better.

Be well-prepared for the big fight here and come up with only the best moves to knock out your long-time nemesis.

Time to prove your power!

How to Play?

You can be either water or fire, and the opponent will be the opposite character depending on your choice. Anyway, you two surely don’t get alone. Now, jump into the battlefield and show the other that you’re the best.

Suit up, put on your coolest sunglasses, and begin the fight.

Send quick, glowing punches to defeat your opponent. Each match will end when one side wins 2 consecutive rounds. Until then, you need to fight hard for your life and prove to the rival as well as audiences who the real deal is. Make use of the super punch but don’t waste it, give your best shots, and get the victory.


  • Awesome 3D graphics
  • Colorful effects and characters
  • Having 1P and 2P modes
  • Multiple levels
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

The game was added on November 10, 2021.


Enjoy this action game on web browsers.


It was made by RHM Interactive.


Player 1:

  • Move with AD
  • Punch with WS
  • Use powerful punch with G

Player 2:

  • Move with left/right arrows
  • Punch with up/down arrows
  • Use powerful punch with P


Fire vs Water Fights Unblocked will bring you to a different location in each fight, such as an old port, an abandoned football field, etc.

Have a fun exploring time!

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