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Category: Action

The Rivadis Empire ruled the continent for centuries. But then, it fell into necromancers’ hands, and slowly its shine and glory faded away. Quickly jump into Takeover Unbloc [...]
Become a worm in Worms Zone Unblocked! As a worm, you must eat and grow to get bigger. To be the strongest worm of the clan, the goal is to eat as much food as possible. Remember t [...]
Try not to get caught in Murder to Kill or Not to Kill Unblocked! Do you want to become a king? How to get the throne? Hit the PLAY button and carry out your big plan! Assassinate [...]
Get ready for some action? In Knife IO Unblocked, grab your knives and head toward the fighting arena to knock out all your opponents. Featuring the multiplayer mode, you can battl [...]
Superhero IO Unblocked is a fun multiplayer game where you will meet all of your favorite superhero characters. Choose your favorite and take control of them in different battles a [...]
Shadow Fights Unblocked at School is an arcade-style fighting game letting you fight against another opponent. In case you're finding a thrilling action game for 2 players, look no [...]
What's fun in Fire vs Water Fights Unblocked? In this 3D fighting game, players need to put your boxing skills to the test against the AI-controlled bot or challenge your friend in [...]
Guess what? King of Fighters Wing 1.8 Unblocked at School is here! Enter the main arena and meet all famous characters in the King of Fighters world, like Kyo, Chun Li, and Ryu. Yo [...]
Want to have a bad time? If so, then Bad Time Simulator Sans Fight Unblocked is undoubtedly for you. This is a fun and entertainment-based 2D game in which players have to do diffe [...]
As an impostor, it's not easy to stay undercover and gain a victory. Want to experience a thrilling adventure? Join into Among Us Single Player Unblocked at School here! This game [...]
EvoWars IO Unblocked is a cool IO game that everyone must try. Are you good at fighting with sword? Click PLAY and enter the main arena to battle against other players. For the ult [...]
Drunken Boxing is back with the second installment. In Drunken Boxing 2, the drunken battles are still going on. With cool new graphics and 3D effects, this game also brings more c [...]
Have yourself an intense unique experience in Venge IO Unblocked. If you're into 3D games, then Venge is undoubtedly the ultimate achievement with incredible and fun graphics. This [...]
Reach The Core will spark your interest by a simple task of mining. The game tells about 2 robots that explore around the space. Unfortunately, both run out of energy. The best way [...]
What to do after having yourself involving in Diseviled? Try to travel around castles and defeat all of the evil demons and monsters. They’re finding ways to destroy all buildings [...]
Hey, if you’re fed up with dress-up game, then lead your attention to love-story game, namely Zombie and Juliet. After sipping poison, Romeo has died. Juliet – his mate – is now in [...]
A saga of the fascinating game Fruits, namely Fruits 2, continues blowing your socks off with cool innovations. The game's content is not hard to seize if you've ever played its pr [...]
1000 years after a great world war between humans and monsters, the Earth lost its abilities for living. As a result, humans – the winners of the war – today try to search for anot [...]
Get ready to take up a special mission given by Jump Out! The Computer – the series of the lovely physics-based puzzle game? Yes, you must help a lot of grasshoppers to nicely esca [...]
The saga of Rogue Soul does continue, and its name is exactly Rogue Soul 2! Today, without role-playing a generous guy or brave soldier, you must enjoy the game as a masked despera [...]