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RPS Exclusive Unblocked

RPS Exclusive Unblocked

Do you like hands fights games? Are you a big fan of classic games?

Then RPS Exclusive Unblocked here is definitely for you!

In this game, you will battle against your friend or the computer and prove that you are the best player. Are you confident that you can win all rounds? Now, the time has come to show your true ability.

Have a great time with rock paper scissors?

How to Play?

RPS Exclusive is much more exciting than the classic rock paper scissors you have played before. Players of all ages can enjoy this fun arena board game with the 2-player mode.

Everyone knows the rock paper scissors rules.

You have to win each round and make sure your opponent loses their last life point. Make your choice between the 3 symbols showing up in every level. Rock can beat scissors, paper can beat rock, scissors can beat the paper. To win the game, you need skill and also a bit of luck as well.


  • Two player option
  • Fun and simple gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Nice 2D graphics

Release Date:

The game was released on November 20, 2020.


Play this rock-paper-scissors game online on all web browsers and mobile.


Happy Kid Games developed RPS Exclusive.


  • As player one, use ASD keys.
  • As player two, use the left, down, and right arrows.


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