Strike Force Heroes 1

Strike Force Heroes 1

Strike Force Heroes 1 is trusted to simulate a fictional event. A disaster is going to reach the Earth, and it’ll surely threaten the survival of humankind. Luckily, a scientist has just invented a special formula regarding the chemical weapon and mass destruction. But the danger here is that the formula now becomes the target of the terrorists. Show off your deed before everything becomes too late, please! Let’s go!

These aggressive terrorists are sneaking into the scientist’s facility with the aim of taking away his formula. Help him protect the formula by bringing him along this zone’s paths to avoid the rivals. Yet, fleeing is not also a good way. Please pick up some weapons (rifles, bombs, short guns, and others from the bags on the floor), and then activate them to defeat these opponents. Of course, avoiding their sudden shots is also a need!

Get ready? Land on Strike Force Heroes 1 and embark on this urgent task right now!

How to play

The arrow/ASDW keys are hit to move.
The spacebar is pressed to jump.
The left mouse is used to shoot.
The Q key is for switching weapons.

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